Energy-Healing Services
Energy-Healing Services

Sedona Vortex Energy Healing
Sedona Energy Healing incorporates various energy therapies to emanate sacred and powerful cosmic forces that aim to heal the body and soul. Relax and receive the intuitive touch of a practitioner who will interpret the emotive field in the body. The session will encourage release through body unwinding and may involve guided meditation, aromatherapy, tuning forks, Reiki, or Chakra Stones. This treatment is deeply calming, eases nervous tension and anxiety.
(90 minutes)

Red Rock Energy Healing
Emotional trauma release, clearing blocked habitual patterns and ancestral clearing. Energy healing works with polarity, just as yoga asana does. This time it's passive, no effort required. The healer acts like a conduit. It’s not the energy of the healer or the patient, but rather the healer is moving universal energy that is already present and perhaps blocked. This dissolves and removes hidden emotion, trauma and habitual patterns from your energy body. It helps you reharmonize and recalibrate at the puranic level, bringing you balance, as well as an integrated sense of your new self in the world. This healing service is for anyone at any age.
(90 minutes)

Vibrational Sound Healing Massage
Your body is affected on a cellular level when relaxing with soothing sound and vibration. This opens energy flow to move you away from stress and back towards healthy alignment. By placing therapeutic singing bowls directly on the body and creating a therapeutic sound wave vibration, a practitioner can engage with you both physically and energetically. The practitioner generates a vibration on the singing bowls, which creates physical vibration throughout your body. The bowls solidify the physical connection, while the practitioner focuses on spiritual and energetic connections.
(60 or 90 minutes)

Whispers Of Spirit Oracle Card Reading
During this reading, you’ll be held in a sacred space while a heartfelt message is delivered using a variety of tools, including oracle cards. You’ll find greater ease moving forward after releasing old energy that has kept you stuck. Come with an open heart and mind to receive the greatest healing for your journey.
(60 minutes)