Facial Skin Care
Facial Skin Care

Each day, skin is subject to excess free radicals generated by stress, UV exposure and pollutants which can age skin cells. Visible consequences look like wrinkles, loss of moisture, elasticity and dull looking skin. At Sedona Spa, our skin care products come from the nurturing properties of flowers, and nature’s rich marine botanicals, plus calcium and minerals. These remineralizing and hydrating products show results even after the first treatment.

VIP Facial
Key marine and botanical ingredients will relax, fortify and combat cellular fatigue of the skin to help retain the appearance and fitness of healthy skin. The VIP facial is customized to your specific needs.
Duration 60 minutes. Price: $135; Duration 90 minutes. Price: $195

60 Minute Hydra-Nourishing Facial
Enjoy a thirst quenching facial mask with this treatment, ideal for dehydrated skin. Intensely nourishing, this facial delicately moisturizes and nourishes even the driest skins. Boost skin’s hydration for a fresh and luminous complexion.
Duration 60 minutes. Price: $135

Sedona Spa Signature Facial
This reinforcement of anti-aging antioxidants contains high levels of minerals and trace elements. The use of plant stem cells from marine and coastal plants, high in vitamin C and natural plant sterols, boosts cell activity, visibly smoothing wrinkles. This anti-ageing session comes with a detoxifying, self-heating mud treatment for the back. Warm and stimulating, the additional detoxifying back treatment of marine sea mud minerals will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed. Skin will be glowing and feel toned and firm.
Duration 90 minutes. Price: $195

Gentleman’s Facial
Designed especially for men who want to look their best. Rich in magnesium and calcium, these minerals are widely recognized for their anti-oxidant, hydrating and energizing action, protecting skin from the aggressions of shaving and environmental factors. A hydrating and detoxifying facial with our anti-oxidant marine algae based formulas will leave masculine skin toned, refreshed and looking your best.
Duration 60 minutes. Price: $135

Facial and body waxing allows up to 30 days without shaving, leaving skin with a softer, smoother feel. Hair must be at least 1/8 inch to be waxed. Underarm, chin, lip or brow 15 minutes; bikini, lower leg or forearm 30 minutes; upper leg (including bikini) 45 minutes; back or full leg (including bikini).
60 minutes. Please call the Spa for pricing.

Cleansing Back Treatment
Deep cleans, soothes and nourishes the skin. Removes ingrown hairs and soothes acne eruptions. Leaves skin clean and clear for a smoother, even complexion.
Duration 60 minutes. Price: $135

Add-ons are integrated into your facial skin care, customizing your treatment to your individual needs.

  • Specialized Eye Treatment - Add this high performance eye treatment to diminish wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness while firming the skin for $40
  • Lip Care Treatment - Add to your facial with our gentle exfoliation and moisture plumping duo to smooth the lips, replenish lipids and restore lip volume and radiance for $30
  • Hands and Feet Rejuvenating Scrub - A moisturizing hand or foot treatment to refresh and revive dry skin with our natural botanical, antioxidant plant oils improving the complexion of skin for $25 each; $45 both