Swedish Massage
This classic massage uses a variety of flowing strokes which can easily be adjusted to fit your personal preferences — from soothing rhythms to a firmer approach for greater tension release.
(60 or 90 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage
The stress of everyday life can cause pain, tightness and restriction, especially in the neck and back. This massage targets tense and overworked muscles with the goal of improving circulation. Your therapist will consult with you to understand your specific needs and preferred level of massage intensity.
(60 or 90 minutes)

Aromatherapy Massage
A perfect remedy for stress and fatigue, this gentle treatment combines the soothing, healing power of essential oils with the restorative effects of massage. Consult with your therapist to address your specific needs and choose your fragrant oil.
(60 or 90 minutes)

Mother-To-Be Massage
This gentle massage is adapted to fit each stage of pregnancy after the 12th week. With the aid of a special maternity cushion, this soothing massage releases tension and helps alleviate tired muscles.
(60 or 90 minutes)

Massage for Two
Indulge in side-by-side relaxation with your spouse, friend or significant other as you both enjoy our soothing, classic massage.
(60 or 90 minutes)

CBD Massage
Combine the benefits of custom bodywork and plant-based therapy in one session. By harnessing the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp-infused cream, this innovative massage treatment helps soothe aches and pains while promoting relaxation.
(60 or 90 minutes)


  • Hand or foot scrub
  • Hot stone
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chakra-balancing stones
  • Scalp treatment
  • Foot soak