Specialized Body Work
Specialized Body Work

Cranial Sacral Therapy
With a light touch, this subtle treatment focuses on restoring the natural position of head, spinal column and sacrum imbalances, releasing compression and alleviating stress and pain. This session can be especially beneficial for those with chronic headaches, neck and back pain, fatigue, stress and tension. We recommend wearing loose fitting clothing for this treatment.
Duration 60 minutes. Price: $135

Hot Stone Therapy
Smooth, warmed basalt lava stones are placed purposefully on the body and then massaged gently into the muscle tissue. Using a variety of strokes, this heated massage benefits the circulatory system and improves lymph circulation which accelerates detoxification.
Duration 60 or 90 minutes. $135/$170

Lymphatic Therapy
This therapy employs a gentle, circular motion to stimulate vessels and move lymphatic fluid out of congested areas and into circulation. This treatment targets concentrated areas where lymph nodes lie in the body to move lymph fluid by using a specific sequence, resulting in enhanced lymph circulation.
Duration 60 or 90 minutes. Price: $135/$175

Foot Reflexology
Your therapist begins with warm towels, lightly scented with essential oil, applied to the feet followed by thumb, finger and hand techniques to apply pressure to the “reflexes” of the feet. This refreshing massage enhances immune function, improves circulation and has an overall rejuvenation effect not only on the feet, but also the entire body.
Duration 30 or 60 minutes. Price: $65/$125

Myofascial Release
By using a little lotion or oil to improve traction and a variety of limb rotations combined with passive stretching, this targeted treatment is designed to release restrictions, alleviate pain, encouraging muscle release while restoring range of motion melting away tension.
Duration 60 or 90 minutes. Price: $135/$170

Add-ons are integrated into your massage, customizing your treatment to your individual needs.
  • Upgrade your massage treatments with an essential oil addition for $15

*Take home essential oils are available for purchase.