Whether you want to begin a personalized program to improve your overall health and wellness, or enhance an existing program, our personal trainers can help you reach your goal.

First Session
Initial 90 minute training session includes a complete analysis of your current fitness level in order to establish an exercise plan to meet your individual needs, and a full-body workout with a Personal Trainer. This is the safest way to begin a workout program. Fitness Analysis includes weight, measurements, body composition and tests for cardio respiratory function, endurance and strength.
Duration 90 minutes. Price: $90
A Perfect Ten*
Includes a First Session and nine additional One-on-One sessions. This package is designed to keep you on track with your fitness goals. *Ten week expiration from time of purchase.
Price: $450
Try a Trio*
Includes a First Session and two additional One-on-One sessions. Ideal for anyone staying with us a week or longer. *Three week expiration from time of purchase.
Price: $160
One-On-One Session
A follow-up 60-minute session for those who have already undergone a First Session and need a “tune-up” on their fitness program.
Duration 60 minutes. Price: $50
Buddy Training
Grab a friend to add additional motivation to your training during this 60-minute session. For each participant’s health and safety, a First Session must be completed by each individual prior to Buddy Training.
Duration 60 minutes. Price: $30
Twelve Week Intensive Program
An aggressive twelve week Personal training routine that complements Bill Phillip’s Body for Life Challenge. Discuss details with our Fitness Supervisor.
30 sessions. Price: $1,300
Follow-Up Fitness
Optional Fitness Analysis to see proof of your results following your series of personal training sessions.
Price: $30
Pilates Reformer Training
A unique training system based on the teaching of Joseph Pilates that stresses the conditioning of “core” muscle groups. Available exclusively through private training in our Pilates Studio.
Price: $60 to $550.
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